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Company software applications and the associated hardware are subject to constant change when new applications or new equipment are installed. Typically you think very carefully about your IT concept and architecture, establishing where data are processed, stored, and analysed, and what IT equipment is needed for the purpose. The underlying IT infrastructure is often overlooked, in particular the data centre infrastructure and the data networks. If these are not be adapted, they suddenly become outdated, inhomogeneous, or unreliable.

So each time there is any major addition of hardware or software it also makes sense to have the infrastructure reviewed by experts. This is firstly because there is a risk of the infrastructure becoming overloaded by such a change, and secondly because the review provides an opportunity of rethinking superseded infrastructures as a whole – in terms of performance, reliability, and efficiency. 

Datwyler Data Centre Infrastructure and Data Network Design and Consultancy is based on the IT concept predefined by you. 

Our service offer comprises:

  • an IT infrastructure specification which takes the pros and cons of the current infrastructure into account and translates the challenging requirements of response times, bandwidth, etc. into the IT infrastructure requirements, for example good connectivity, low latency and an efficient cooling and power supply
  • a Standardisation Proposal for the new architecture – possibly also across multiple sites
  • a Service Concept and Service Process Description to allow for rapid problem resolution globally by deploying state-of-the-art technologies such as remote monitoring or maintenance by automated service ticketing and augmented support elements
  • a Budgetary Cost Estimate for further planning and approval purposes

Find out more about this service offer. Simply send us an email or give us a call. Datwyler IT Infra will assign a consultant, guarantee confidentiality, and send you a project proposal.