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Centro de datos Edificio de oficinas

Sinochem International: Equipped for the future


At the headquarters of Sinochem International Corporation, planning is long term. That is why the company uses the workplace cabling, as well as the data centre solutions from Datwyler.

In the data centre, a 10-gigabit compatible system with a shielded Category 6A CU 6552 4P data cable from Datwyler was used in the copper area. The fibre-optic system installed in the data centre consists of, among other things, OM3 trunk cables with MTP connectors. Datwyler delivered these pre-assembled.

Sinochem International also uses a system containing CU 6552 4P data cables in order to cable the different floors of the office building. The OM3 fibre-optic cable with LSZH sheath is the backbone. In order to be able to efficiently manage all the 6,500 connection points inside the building, an electronic management system was also installed.