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Space-saving High-Speed Solutions for Data Centres

Datwyler supplies fibre optic cabling solutions with maximum transmission rates and packing densities

16 sept 2011

Datwyler Datacenter News

Datwyler has extended its portfolio of integrated solutions for data centre applications in copper and fibre optic (FO) technology with two new cabling solutions. Both solutions enable customer specific Plug-and-Play FO installations with maximum transmission rates and packing densities. The newly developed MTP®-on-LCQ modular solution is compatible with all applications with Duplex signals as well as parallel optics applications such as 40/100G Ethernet and 120G InfiniBand®. In addition Datwyler offers a revised version of the Modular High Density (MHD) solution, which stands out due to the further improvement in the performance values of its FO adapters.

The MTP®-on-LCQ modular solution is based on the tried and tested distributor housing OV-BG (3 HU) from Datwyler which lends itself to modular assembly. This can be equipped with a maximum of twelve pre-assembled cartridges. Each cartridge provides two 12-fold MTP® adapters at the rear, which are routed to six LC Quad adapters at the front via internal fibre ducts. The connectors are supplied by Datwyler in OM3 and OS2 variants. Packing densities of up to 288 fibres (144 LC Duplex ports) can be achieved in one OV-BG. For the cabling Datwyler provides pre-terminated mini multiple cables (so-called “trunks”) which are connected to MTP® plugs. The mini trunks are likewise available in OM3- and OS2- versions and with bending optimised fibres. This means optimum protection of the power budget, and interference contingent on excessively small bending radii is effectively prevented.

The Modular High Density Solution, which is available with high quality copper and FO cartridges, is deliverable from Datwyler with improved multi-fibre adapters. The improvements relate to the Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss at the MTP® connection technology of all optical cartridges and all FO multiple cables in multimode (OM3 and OM4) and single-mode (OS2). The outstanding performance values have been achieved by optimising the termination and polishing processes as well as by using MTP® connectors supplied by US Conec.

For visualisation, monitoring, controlling and open loop control of all items in the data centre, users have at their disposal the universal management solution “Panorama“ which enable both effective process and workflow management.