RJ45 modules with added value

Datwyler KS-T Plus - a "Plus" for extra transmission reliability and convenience

15 abr 2012

ITC networks in public and commercial buildings must have sufficient spare electrical capacity to meet rapidly rising requirements for an increasing number of ever faster services. For the installation of 10 gigabit-compatible copper networks Datwyler therefore offers new RJ45 Category 6A connection components with the "Plus" suffix. The module KS-T Plus 1/8, for example, fully complies with the requirements of international Standard IEC 60603-7-51 for Category 6A - and will be available with black dust protection covers from April 2012. Added value is also provided by Datwyler’s long-term permanent link Class EA-compliant system warranty. Last but not least, Datwyler´s "Plus" components also meet the more stringent Standard requirements for Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+).

Nowadays new cabling systems are normally planned and installed to the 10GBase-T Standard. Cabling links (Channels) of at least Class EA are needed for 10 gigabit Ethernet transmission using symmetrical copper cable. These links should be created using components of a quality equivalent to Category 6A (IEC) or even higher. Good figures can then be achieved when acceptance testing the Permanent Link in accordance with Class EA. Connection components which "only" comply with American TIA/EIA Standard Cat.6A may actually be good enough to reach quality class EA in the Channel, but normally do not offer great spare capacity at the required limit values. 

At Datwyler these new RJ45 Category 6A connection components have the "Plus" suffix in the product name. In addition to KS-T Plus 1/8 these include the MS-K Plus 1/8 connection module as well as the CSD Plus 2/8 compact socket and the CSA Plus 24/8 patch panel. If these connection components are used, Datwyler will provide a long-term system warranty on request - an extra reliability "plus" for installers and users