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Up to 48 RJ45 connections on 1U

The “KS-TC Plus Cat.6A” Keystone module

29 abr 2019

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The “KS-TC Plus Cat.6A” Keystone module

Datwyler is addressing the increasing problems of space in distributors, server rooms and data centres with its very compact “KS-TC Plus Cat.6A” RJ45 module and two new patch panelels.

The KS-TC Plus Cat.6A RJ45 module is a shielded, very compact modular jack with solid spare capacity which fully supports remote power up to 4PPoE. Installation time is significantly reduced due to the practical locking clip with 360 degree shielding. Laborious fixing with cable ties is also a thing of the past with this jack.

In combination with Datwyler´s KS 48x (straight) and KS 48x-a (angled) patch panels 48 ports can be accommodated on one rack unit (1U). More about this in our leaflet and the latest Selection Guide.

The KU-TC Plus Cat.6A module is available from Datwyler for unshielded Class EA solutions. It achieves maximum performance when used with the CU 692 4P data cable and the KU 24x patch panel.