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Microsoft presents the Q-tainer

Mobile data centre for the construction site

29 mar 2023

News 2023 03 Qtainer Microsoft Video

Outwardly a standard site container, inside a complete system for data collection and analysis: the Q-tainer from Datwyler and the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group brings computing power to the digital construction site. Now Microsoft has created a fascinating video about our pilot project.

Find out how the Q-tainer optimises site management by continuously linking data which necessitate a great deal of computing power, fast response times and large bandwidths.

Johannes Müller, CEO of Datwyler IT Infra, and Hubert Rhomberg, Managing Director of the Rhomberg Group, speak in the video.

To the video > (YouTube).

You will find further information on the Q-tainer here and in Panorama No. 2/2022 (page 30).