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Hybrid teams from people and machines

AI support in routine tasks

25 nov 2021

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The volume of data produced continues to grow exponentially. Not only do data centre operators have to get more sites for processing it but, according to Gartner, specialists in operating large data centres are increasingly difficult to find. In addition, says Gartner, the Cloud is increasingly being developed into a platform on which, for example, 5G systems or edge computing components are provided. This development is substantially increasing process complexity in Cloud data centres.

Help is at hand here from software bots, which work using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. They take over tasks such as capacity planning or the adjustment of virtual machinery and container environments – thus making life easier for humans. The market researchers forecast that accordingly half of all Cloud data centres will work with AI-enabled robots by 2025. They say that this will boost efficiency by 30 percent.

Professional development
Datwyler IT Infra is addressing these developments by systematically building on and expanding the core competencies of its own staff. This includes understanding new technologies such as AI, Big Data, 5G and IoT.

“Staff must develop their professional skills, learn and remain innovative – including in terms of the most recent trends. Ultimately they must be able to explain and sell these developments and solutions to our customers worldwide,” explained Adrian Bolliger, Managing Director Europe at Datwyler IT Infra. “The AI Business School (AIBS) is helping us develop these skills using their famous 3-phase model.”

Lean processes – added value for customers
Datwyler IT Infra is putting the knowledge gained into practice straight away: AI is being used for internal improvements in production, but also to give customers more efficient service. For example, more than 10,000 order slips are generated annually, and these are logged automatically – without human intervention. The inventory process is also automated. The aim is to use AI technology to streamline and speed up processes and reduce the error rate.

“In future there will be hybrid teams made up of people and machines. We have started to use technologies like AI, for example robotics or robotic process automation,” says Adrian Bolliger. At Datwyler IT Infra use will soon also be made of machine learning technologies which take over tasks or subtasks from workers. The latter can then concentrate on other value-adding activities.

Artificial Intelligence will make it easier to cope with the rising volumes of data and ever more complex Cloud processes. IT companies in particular would be well advised to focus closely on understanding this important future technology right now in order to remain competitive.