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They don’t come any smaller

New patch cables with VSFF connectors

Aug 18, 2022

News 2022 08 VSFF Stecker

New connectors called VSFF (Very Small Form Factor) connectors have joined new transceivers on the market to reflect the increasing transmission rates of high speed duplex applications (100G and over) at the densely packed switches in data centres. These are the MDC® from US Conec, the CS® and SN® from Senko.

Datwyler IT Infra is responding to this trend by adding patch cables with VSFF connectors to their portfolio of fibre optic cables. This ensures that we will also be able to meet all our customers’ requirements in the future.

Because for the time being the aforementioned connectors are only being used on the active component sides – for connecting to the transceivers in the switch – our patch cables are preassembled at one end with an MDC, CS or SN connector, and with LCDU connectors (LC Duplex Uniboot) at the other end. The patch cables – or adapter cables – come in fibre types E9/125 G.652.D BLO (single-mode) and G50/125 OM4 (multimode), and in 1.0 to 5.0 metre standard lengths. Other fibre types and lengths are available from Datwyler on request.

You will find the data sheets here >