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MAC Services

Are you planning internal restructuring or even relocation? Do you want to extend or modernise your hardware? We ensure that all moves, adds and changes (MAC) relating to your electrical and ICT infrastructure are effected smoothly, quickly, on time and to the quality agreed.

Datwyler’s expert and reliable MAC services are module-based and also include function tests, acceptance inspections, the documentation of work carried out and – in active operation – maintenance services designed to get the best out of your existing infrastructures. At every stage of the work you can also be sure that legal requirements are met and environmental regulations complied with.

Our MAC services improve the efficiency and durability of your systems. They provide the requisite transparency, reduce your internal expenditure and cut the costs incurred by your infrastructure lifecycle management.

The requirements for electrical and ICT infrastructures are constantly increasingly, so it is absolutely vital that the systems installed are really flexible – with regard to subsequent modifications and upgrades as well. We will be happy to advise on the solutions which best assure your future requirements.