Software solution

Software solutions

Recording, planning and documenting, visualising and observing, managing and controlling – nowadays there are modern tools for all these tasks. Sophisticated but simple-to-use software solutions can make the job considerably easier for planners, installation contractors, data centre and network administrators, facility managers and a host of other people involved in electrical and ICT infrastructures.
This is why Datwyler supplies software solutions – including optional services and support – as a useful complement to our systems and all-in-one packages.

Datwyler’s software solutions are modular, which means that for every task connected with your LAN or data centre, your fire safety infrastructure or your Fibre-to-the-X network, we can supply modules and services tailored to your particular needs.

Please find below two examples:

Smart Service Plattform 6x9cm

DATWYLER Smart Service Platform

The Datwyler Smart Service Platform (SSP) is a fully managed IoT platform designed to give organisations greater visibility and control over their critical IT and OT infrastructure worldwide. It provides a range of features that enable you to flexibly manage your connected devices via the cloud and gives you full control over your devices and gateways, ensuring their security and availability. It is hosted and managed by Datwyler, which make managing your devices a simple task with reduced costs …

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Datwyler Infrastructure Monitoring System (DIMS) gives an overall picture as well as detailed views of the status of the IT infrastructure in one or more racks, for example in micro and mini data centres, at one or more locations. The system features real-time remote monitoring of environmental conditions, access and energy consumption of IT infrastructure equipment and systems. In case of faults or emergencies DIMS is capable of alerting the user to take timely and necessary action to protect the mission critical IT systems …

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