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Revamped data centre online configuration

New functions and improved user interface

Nov 9, 2021

News 2021 11 MDC Konfigurator

: Now even quicker and easier online configuration for customers of Datwyler Middle East

Since 2019 Datwyler has been providing partners and end customers in the countries of the Middle East Region with an online tool for configuring the company’s Smart Modular Data Centres. The current version now offers users a whole range of new features enabling them to plan and design their IT infrastructure solution even more easily – from small to medium-sized data centres including racks, UPS, intelligent energy distribution, climate control, cabling, leakage monitoring, fire alarm, fire-fighting, access control and environmental monitoring – all with SMS and email notification.

Once the project requirements have been entered the tool generates workshop drawings with technical specifications, data sheets, guide prices, sophisticated technical suggestions and much more. In addition to this, users are able to design modular data centres conforming to the international standard (Uptime) Tier Classification Levels. The results can be visualised as 3D images.

The technical drawings of the data centre’s front and side views provide comprehensive information, including all the dimensions as well as monitoring and controlling connectivity wiring diagrams.

As before, the update allows self-registration, project tracking and fast and simple emailing of the relevant documents.

The configurator is available free of charge to customers and partners of Datwyler Middle East at Other new functions and configuration options are in the pipeline for the next few months.