Managed monitoring

Managed Monitoring

Today IT and networks are indispensable components and the fundamental backbone of every organisation. Managed Monitoring from Datwyler IT Infra provides an on-premises all-in-one monitoring solution for the Edge which lets you monitor your network and your entire IT, and which gives you the opportunity of detecting malfunctions and problems at an early stage. You don’t have to worry about the operation or the maintenance of the monitoring solution.

The service provided by Datwyler comprises:

  • Complete operation of the monitoring infrastructure on site
  • Proactive notification system
  • Transparent monitoring of the entire IT landscape and network infrastructure
  • Detection of damage or overloading
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Enhanced security due to professional monitoring
  • Regular service reporting

Hardware and licences included:
Complete monitoring server infrastructure

Datwyler takes security very seriously. When commissioning the monitoring infrastructure we therefore rely on state-of-the-art technology and incorporate this into your existing network.


Services included:

  • Project management and inspection
  • Monitoring of up to 50 devices

Your benefit:
You no longer need to worry about anything to do with the monitoring infrastructure.