FTTH data outlet AP 80 x 80

SC/APC or LCD/APC design
surface mounted, also on top of installation cups

FTTH data outlet AP (surface mounted), 80 x 80 x 23.5 mm

Varianti di prodotto e stock

Articolo n. Stock ProdottoAdapterFibre typePigtailsColorePeso [kg]Unità di imballaggioGTIN / EAN
FTTH data outlet AP1 x SC/PCE9/125 G.652.D BLO1 x SCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008296
FTTH data outlet AP1 x LCD/APCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008289
FTTH data outlet AP2 x LCD/APCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008272
FTTH data outlet AP1 x LCD/APCE9/125 G.657.A12 x LC/APCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008265
FTTH data outlet AP2 x LCD/APCE9/125 G.657.A14 x LC/APCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008258
FTTH data outlet AP1 x SC/APCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008241
FTTH data outlet AP2 x SC/APCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008234
FTTH data outlet AP1 x SC/APCE9/125 G.657.A11 x SC/APCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008227
FTTH data outlet AP2 x SC/APCE9/125 G.657.A12 x SC/APCbianco puro0.08 kg1 pc.40393910008210

Specifiche tecniche

Fibre optic data outlet for indoor FTTH cabling, for surface mount installation (also for installation on top of installation cups).
FTTH data outlet for up to 4 fibres.
Set consists of metallic mounting plate and box; box with integrated deposit space for connecting cable and pigtail fibre and with integrated dust covers for couplers.
Available with 2x SC/APC Simplex or 2x LCD/APC coupler, optional with or without pigtails.
Delivery with splice holder for shrink splice protection; when ordering the data outlet with pre-assembled pigtails an additional crimp splice protection is supplied.
FO couplers optionally available with integrated laser protection cover.
Label field with transparent cover.
Cable entry from all four sides and from rear. Available with pre-assembled FTTH indoor cables on request.