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The new MD-DCS

Medium packing density, high flexibility

29 feb 2024

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From now on European users will be able to choose between three Datwyler cabling systems for server rooms and data centres. With a medium packing density of up to 48 duplex ports per rack unit (U) and maximum flexibility for mating faces and fibre classes, the MD-DCS precisely fills the gap between FO-DCS and HD-DCS.

For a long time users in Europe have been relying on preassembled cabling systems for cabling server rooms and data centres. For just the same length of time Datwyler has been meeting demand with its two data centre solutions (DCS). With the new MD-DCS, a third system is now available that is perfect for small and medium-sized data centres and server rooms.

With MD-DCS the common modern SC, LC and MPO mating faces are served in two different packing densities. They are also interchangeable within one rack unit using snap-in cassettes – and even in combination with splice connections.

Global portfolio, consistent quality
The MD-DCS was successfully introduced on the Chinese market some time ago under the name of “Lingdong”. For the European market Datwyler has modified the system to the extent that the routing and securing options for the DCS breakout cables and DCS trunk cables match, allowing trouble-free, tool-free installation. The specification relating to quality control, quality limit values and performance of the fibres used is also globally harmonised.

This means that the MD-DCS solution dovetails seamlessly into Datwyler’s DCS component range. As normal, it can be freely combined by the user with any of the DCS patch cables and trunk cables.

The MD-DCS panels are supplied in a 19-inch standard format with one rack unit (1 U), optionally also available with 2U and 4U. The 1U version alternatively comes as a pull-out drawer. An extensive portfolio is available for equipping the panels: on the one hand fibre optic plug-in modules for patching trunk cables directly – i.e., breakout solutions for various mating faces –, on the other hand MTP fanout modules with multimode OM4, OM5 and single-mode BLO fibres. At the same time up to four snap-in cassettes can be used per rack unit. The MD-DCS solution is rounded off by optional splice trays with both crimp and heat shrink splice protection as well as blanking plates and cable managers.