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Selection guide for SPE

Portfolio expanded to include passive components

29 apr 2024

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The complete Single-Pair Ethernet portfolio from Datwyler can now be seen in a product overview designed to give users a short clear selection guide. In the eight-page brochure there is a table showing the SPE cable types currently available – including the class (conforming to IEC 61156), dimensions, sheaths, features and relevant uses and applications.

IEEE 802.3 has already issued various SPE standards which can be used for applications with SPE. A second table shows the requirements specified in standard ISO/IEC 11801-1 for SPE transmission classes T1-A, T1-B and T1-C for universal SPE cabling.

The selection guide also includes the Single-Pair Ethernet connectors, adapters and patch cables available from Datwyler. By supplementing the cables with these components Datwyler is now offering its customers end-to-end solutions.

The data sheets will soon be available on the website.