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Business model transformation

A contribution by Adrian Bolliger, CEO of Datwyler IT Infra

27 mag 2024

News 2024 05 Adrian

In the economy today the ability to adapt and transform is of crucial importance in achieving long-term success. Companies have to develop and integrate new technologies in order to meet the specific needs of their customers. This often necessitates a fundamental realignment of their business model as this is the only way to remain competitive and be poised to take advantage of future opportunities.

A successful business model transformation calls for a holistic approach which encompasses every aspect of the company. This involves not only the introduction of new products or services, but also a comprehensive reassessment of strategy, organisational structure and processes. It is also important to cultivate an open and agile mindset so as to be able to adapt quickly to change. The ability to take risks, accept mistakes and learn from them is crucial to success in a rapidly changing world.

Technological innovation plays a key role here. Digitalisation has revolutionised the way in which companies operate. It has created new opportunities for working more efficiently, better understanding customers, and developing innovative business models. There are numerous tools to support company transformation, ranging from big data and artificial intelligence to the implementation of IoT solutions and blockchain technology.

Not only an increasing number of everyday things are being networked by the IoT, but machines as well. So it is hardly surprising that our journey is taking us more towards IT/OT business. It is in the combination of our solutions – from structured cabling and data centres through the operation of your complex IT/OT infrastructures to the meaningful use of artificial intelligence – that we see the major added value of our offering to you, our customers. This is always with the aim of simplifying and speeding up your processes in order to increase your competitiveness.

Business model transformation is a continuous process. It demands not only a constant willingness to innovate and investigate new ways of creating value, but also the courage to get rid of outdated practices. This process can sometimes involve painful decisions, but is an absolutely essential step for companies working towards long-term success. By adapting to market conditions, integrating new technologies and promoting an open and agile mindset, you too can boost your competitiveness and position yourself for a successful future.

Datwyler will be happy to support you with advice and assistance on the way. Simply get in touch!

You can find the full text in “Panorama” 1/2024 on page 3.