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Qui è possibile trovare materiale informativo generale.
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Data Solutions Product Guide

Shortform Catalogue – international version

pdf [15 MB]
Rack Solutions Product Guide

Shortform Catalogue – European version
Racks, Accessories, Micro and Mini Data Centres, DIMS

pdf [2 MB]
Elevator Cabling Solutions

Power and intelligence for modern elevators

pdf [4 MB]
The key to the 10-digit article number

Important information for our customers (Update: 2023)

pdf [268 KB]
Datwyler Image Brochure

IT / OT Infrastructures.
Consulting. System Solutions. Software. Services.

pdf [3 MB]
Smart Modular Data Centres

Intelligent solutions for your Edge applications

Micro and Mini Data Centres, mid-sized and large data centres,
infrastructure monitoring, special solutions, services

pdf [2 MB]
Edge Computing Underground!

A space-saving, cost-efficient, secure and resource-conserving concept

pdf [1 MB]
Fulfilling all requirements

Complete solutions for electrical and ICT infrastructures in your data centre

pdf [1.000 KB]
Copper cabling solutions by Categories / Classes

Workstation cabling: data cables and connectors for all your requirements

pdf [1 MB]
Datwyler Link Recommendations

Which cables and components are the best fit to your requirements?
Here you find an overview.

pdf [671 KB]
Future-proof 10GBASE-T solutions for your IT infrastructure

Components for Class EA cabling systems with RJ45 module KS-TC Plus Cat.6A (IEC)

pdf [985 KB]
Future-proof 10GBase-T solutions for your IT infrastructure

Components for class EA cabling systems with RJ45 module KS-T Plus Cat.6A (IEC)

pdf [719 KB]
Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE)

Ethernet cables from the specialist – ideal for industrial data communication

pdf [446 KB]
Fibre optic cabling solutions

Cables and connecting hardware for all requirements

pdf [932 KB]

(Finland / Suomi)

pdf [452 KB]
Datwyler Data Centre Solution

The future-proof solution for your data centre cabling

pdf [660 KB]
Datwyler System Circuit Integrity E30 – E60 / E90 cabling

in accordance with DIN 4102-12:
A short overview of products and installation / laying techniques

pdf [661 KB]
Garanzia mondiale

Datwyler IT Infra offre una garanzia di 3 anni contro i difetti di materiali e prodotti
(Documento di garanzia in inglese)

pdf [16 KB]
ISO 9001:2015

Sistema di Gestione della Qualità

pdf [2 MB]
ISO 14001:2015

Sistema di Gestione Ambientale

pdf [2 MB]
ISO 45001:2018

Sistema di Gestione della Salute e della Sicurezza sul Lavoro

pdf [2 MB]