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Special plugs

Gas concrete plugs

Gas concrete plugs
PBD M 6x10


For installation of safety cable systems with enhanced circuit integrity (System Circuit Integrity).

  • The gas concrete plugs are suitable for gas concrete P3.3 or better.


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Article No.MagazzinoProdottoPeso [kg]Packing unit
1301301 Gas concrete plug PBD M 6x100.05 kg25 pcs.
1301306 Gas concrete plug PBD M 10x102 kg25 pcs.
1301313 Tool set EWP 6x100.33 kg1 pc.
1301302 Tool set EWP 6x10 SDS0.24 kg1 pc.
1301307 Tool set EWP 10x10 SDS0.24 kg1 pc.
1301314 Tool set EWP 10x100.24 kg1 pc.