10.4 millimetres are enough

FTTx outdoor cable with 288 fibres from Datwyler

Aug 9, 2016

Csm Datwyler S Micro 288 F 1e7a44b060

Datwyler Cabling Solutions has added a product with 288 fibres (G.652.D) in stranded loose tubes (12x24) to the "FO Outdoor wbKT S-Micro" fibre optic cable family. The diameter of this FTTx outdoor cable is only 10.4 mm. This is an ideal size for blowing into microducts of 12 mm or more internal diameter. 

The compact, non-metallic cable with its dry interstices makes for a design which is easy to install and remove. Users also benefit from its outstanding attenuation figures – 0.21 dB/km at 1550 nm, for example – and good mechanical properties which are reflected in an increased tensile strength (2900 N) and very long blowing distances.

The data sheet for the FO Outdoor wbKT S-Micro cable family (24 to 288 fibres) is available from Datwyler’s website.