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Datwyler and Envio

Partnership for building management solutions

By the constant measurement and analysis of building parameters Datwyler and Envio create an attractive environment for landlords and tenants in terms of indoor climate, energy consumption and environmental footprint..

At the request of tenants or landlords Datwyler can also connect the Envio system with sensors to monitor indoor climatic conditions, electricity meters or major consumers. With the assistance of our partner’s experts these are integrated in the monitoring system and a comprehensive solution is implemented on site. Datwyler ensures that the IT infrastructure, including the Internet connection, meets the application’s requirements.

The users of this solution receive a Smart Building Monitoring Dashboard which displays the current status of all the equipment. On this they can access the Web from any location, compile specific reports, and introduce measures to improve the ambient air and indoor climate or reduce energy consumption. The data also gives them information on optimising the maintenance cycles and costs of the building’s technical installations.

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