ODF subracks, Easy Access

1U, 2U, 3U, 48-144 fibres

High-density subrack for Datwyler ODF

Variantes de produits et stock

Numéro d'article Inventaire ProduitNombre d'adaptateursAdapteursNombre de fibresDimensions extérieuresPoids [kg]GTIN / EAN
ODF subrack, Easy Access72LCD/APC1443 U,6.1 kg40393910091588
ODF subrack, Easy Access24LCD/APC481 U,6.65 kg40393910091564
ODF subrack, Easy Access48LCD/APC962 U,6.4 kg40393910091571

Spécifications techniques

The Datwyler ODF subracks are particularly suitable for high-density applications in telco/carrier networks. They provide advanced splice and patch systems and cable management. Smooth and convenient telescopic sliding system. Cable glands to secure the incoming fibres. Strain relief for all cables. Bend radius control for fibres.
Application Backbone and distribution networks, particularly for PoPs in the carrier section.
Also suitable for data centres and LAN projects (19″).
Colour Light grey, RAL 7035 (powder-coated)
Capacité 24 ports per tray - 1U up to 48, 2U up to 96, 3U up to 144 fibres (72 duplex adapters)