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Mantenimiento y reparación

When “service” is referred to “maintenance” is often the first thing that comes to mind. Rightly so! Your IT infrastructure is a complex system which needs to be looked after. It should support the functionality of your IT equipment, but not cause any downtime.

Maintenance can pose a major challenge, particularly if an organisation operates IT infrastructures at multiple sites. If your own personnel have to see to potential risks and defects this will distract them from their other obligations.

That is why Datwyler makes its end users the offer to assume responsibility for the installation even after handover – because it simply makes sense that whoever got the IT infrastructure “up and running” and is familiar with it should continue to look after it jointly with the hardware and software partners.

Datwyler’s Maintenance and Repair services comprise:

  • Several options for Service Level Agreements (SLA, see PDF file)
  • Access to a global network of specialist service partners
  • Fast response and repair as per requirement and agreed SLA
  • Regular preventative check-ups to identify potential risks and problems
  • Compliance with local technical standards and regulatory requirements
  • Help Desk and Service Desk as part of 1st level support
  • Remote monitoring of key components to allow preventative action
  • An innovative integrated service ticketing system with different ways of raising service requests and initiating immediate execution and reliable documentation
  • “Augmented” remote support for major customers and partners during maintenance

Access to these services is restricted to data centres and data networks installed by Datwyler. During the project planning or installation phase Datwyler will submit maintenance alternatives on request. These will be tailored to your particular requirements, for example acceptable downtime, the situation on-site, the components used, and cost considerations.