Datacentre structure service

Servicios dedicados a centros de datos y redes de datos

The Datwyler Data Centre Infrastructure and Data Network range of services includes all the technical and site-related measures needed to ensure the successful design and project implementation of your data centre and data network as well as their professional maintenance.

Health and security check

Diseño y asesoramiento

In order to provide the appropriate infrastructure for all the products and solutions which you want to incorporate in your data centre, we design the systems and their performance to these requirements. For example, we advise you on space requirements, requisite cooling capacity and power distribution. On the basis of your IT architecture, we develop concept proposals for the underlying IT and data network infrastructure.

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Finance and leasing

Financiación y leasing

Many a worthwhile IT redesign or expansion project fails due to a lack of the necessary funds for investment in the appropriate IT infrastructure. Using tailor-made leasing or other financing options Datwyler ensures that you can spread your investment over the life of the system and relieve the strain on your budget. To this end this we collaborate with reliable and experienced financing partners. 

Turnkey implementation

Implantación y puesta en marcha llave en mano

Datwyler can, if desired, provide all new-build, conversion and expansion projects relating to your IT infrastructure as a one-stop turnkey installation. In this case, our professional project managers take over the precise organisation, execution planning and coordination as well as installation supervision and control. Certified partners carry out the installation work. This combination is the prerequisite for the on-time and quality-assured implementation of your projects, which is resource-efficient, cost-effective and at the same time meets the objectives and standards specified. 

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Maintenance and repair

Datwyler supports you with a comprehensive range of services even after commissioning. To do this we offer various Service Level Agreements (SLA) which differ in the scope of services and guaranteed response and reaction times – tailored to our customers’ requirements and aimed at maintaining the reliability of the infrastructure and the life of the system.

Audit and assessment

Auditoría y evaluación

The identification of possible vulnerabilities at your data centre site helps you avoid outages – and hence expensive consequential costs. We will be happy to carry out an on-site inspection and assessment of core criteria and key elements such as the site itself, the design of your data centre, the power supply and climate control, physical security, the telecommunications infrastructure, your documentation and processes – all based on existing standards and best practices. This analysis results in a report which shows you the extent to which the guidelines are being observed and what needs to be addressed to improve availability. At the same time, if requested, we include an audit of existing data networks.

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