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New catalogue available

New short catalogue gives overview of Datwyler data network solution

6 jul 2020

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For some years Datwyler’s “Data Solutions Product Guide” has been providing its customers with a handy short catalogue. In addition to tried and tested items its 108 pages feature many new products and solutions for copper and fibre optic networks.

Furthermore, the short catalogue provides recommended links for copper data networks with transmission speeds of 1 Gbit/s, 10 Gbit/s and more – i.e. for all applications in office environments and data centres. Customers can choose between especially future-proof “high-end” and “premium” solutions as well as cables and components which are very popular with customers due to their cost-effectiveness or price performance ratio.

You can order the short-form catalogue through our offices or download the PDF file here > (under “Catálogos“).