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FTTH cable – dry-laid

New FO Indoor products simplify installation

27 feb 2024

News 2024 02 FO Indoor FTTH Kabel 1

From now on the FO Indoor FTTH / I-M(ZN)H family of cables is being replaced by new improved FO Indoor FTTH DLT / J-B(ZN)H cables of dry loose tube design (1×4 and 1×2). The DLT fibre used here is based on a G.652.D BLO (G.652.D / G.657.A1) single-mode fibre with a 250 µm diameter.

The gel-free design of Datwyler’s new FTTH cables makes it unnecessary to clean the fibres; it is quicker to carry out in-situ splicing work. A further advantage is that the cables can be stripped more easily, which simplifies work preparatory to installation.

The entire cable family was successfully tested for fire behaviour and rated B2ca-s1a,d1,a1, the highest European fire resistance class. Versions in Cca-s1a,d1,a1 are also available, depending on requirements.

Customers who still need the replaced Datwyler FTTH cables can order these from available stock by no later than 31st May.