Monitoring solution

Soluciones de supervisión

Many data centre operators consider investment in systems for the control of environmental conditions and the detection of any leaks as an unnecessary expense. The implementation of a Data Centre Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) offers the advantage of being able to remotely monitor the data centre’s current state and to prevent potential failures.  Within the scope of our range of solutions, we can therefore offer you particularly economical monitoring solutions with which you can cover the whole spectrum of controls: those of the environmental conditions and of power consumption as well as those of the IP cameras and of the system operation.

The systems offered by Datwyler can easily be integrated into existing management solutions such as Nagios®, hp® OpenView or Patrol®. Messages about dangerous deviations can be sent to those people responsible by SMS, e-mail or SNMP, with a visual or acoustic alarm.

Environmental control, safety and management are combined seamlessly together in our solutions. Early detection of deviations makes it possible for you to immediately introduce the required measures to prevent an escalation of the situation – thus counteracting interruptions in operation or even a system failure.

Temperature and humidity can be monitored using hard-wired or radio-frequency sensors which are secured on the ceilings and walls or placed directly in the racks.

Modern water and leakage controls operate using various types of detection cables or detection mats which ensure real-time measurement and reliable alarm alerts in business-critical environments.

Datwyler also offers you an economical solution for power and load monitoring and management, suitable for the most varied of requirements and enabling effective local and remote monitoring. With this, you have an overview at all times of the quality of the energy supplied, equipment loadings, load curves as well as voltage drops and ripple harmonics – and  can plan preventative measures such as repairs or enhancements.