CO2 fire protection

Sistemas de protección contra incendios

A fire alarm and suppression system protects the server room and minimizes or prevents fire damage. It should be an essential element in server room design and preparation. Fire can be devastating in a computer environment. Tapes, paper and plastics burn well, and the losses in equipment, computing time and data are enormous. 

As an added safety measure, fire prevention equipment should be installed in the computer room independently from the rest of the building.To be able to limit the effects of a fire, the individual areas of the data centre are subdivided into several fire areas separated from each other by bulkheads. Systems for the early detection of fire (fire prevention) and for fire fighting should be installed in each section.

The fire protection solutions from Datwyler ensure that the valuable equipment and business-critical data in your data centre do not become damaged. Our comprehensive portfolio covers all the systems needed for preventative fire protection, from an active smoke detector system, a fire warning system to gas or aerosol extinguishing systems.

Our modern active smoke detector systems operate with a room air suction (RAS) device among other things, and highly-sensitive intelligent sensor technology. This ensures safe early fire detection without continually leading to false alarms. The modular systems offered by Datwyler, which can be used to monitor a whole room as well as single racks, will impress you with their ease of installation, commissioning, programming and maintenance.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems, which operate using inert gases, gaseous chemicals or aerosols, prevent the spread of fire in an emergency, do not cause any short-circuits and minimise the damage in your data centre.

A hydrogen detection system offers early warning and alarm, especially in closed rooms and facilities, and provides an automatic supply of air from a defined threshold value.

Furthermore, there are innovative systems which reduce the oxygen in your data centre by supplying nitrogen, so that a fire cannot occur at all. Datwyler has a solution in its portfolio for this fire protection application, operating without the need for pressure control valves.