Centros de datos móviles

Containerized data centres (CDC) or mobile solutions provide a fully functional data centre inside a regular ISO container, with complete infrastructure including cooling, power, structural protection, fire protection, monitoring, access control, etc., within a secure environment design, comprising a modular and flexible approach.

Mobile data centres are ideal when you have a need for extra capacity at short notice but do not have the time or resources to set up a “traditional” facility. Our mobile solutions offer you the complete infrastructure required to start operating almost immediately. You profit from a plug-and-play solution in a secure environment, which at the same time offers a high degree of flexibility, expandability and efficient power consumption (power usage effectiveness, PUE). With it you minimise the initial investment required and from the start you have an additional data centre facility and/or an innovative disaster recovery facility.

As with all our solutions, Datwyler’s mobile data centres meet the required standards with respect to design and equipment. The installed components, and our manufacturing processes and quality controls meet also the current national and international standards.