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Focus on edge computing

Complete solutions from a single source

Jul 26, 2023

News 2023 07 Edge Computing

In the past few years edge computing has increased significantly in popularity – to the benefit of greater availability, security and privacy for in-house data and applications. As a turnkey supplier – with one-stop solutions – Datwyler has recently expanded its portfolio by an increasing number of services in the fields of IT infrastructure planning, construction and operation. The focus here is on applications at the Edge.

In the infrastructure field Datwyler customers benefit from an expanded data centre offering with modular elements allowing the efficient collection, processing, storage or forwarding of data at the Edge. From the simple edge gateway (fog computing) via the edge computing environment through to the hybrid cloud solution Datwyler covers the needs of various scenarios for decentralised computing. Thanks to its global footprint Datwyler can meet all the requirements of such architectures – with its own experts as well as strong technology partners and local OEMs who also take the special regional characteristics of a project into consideration.

Datwyler’s service portfolio includes the pre-assembly, integration and maintenance work needed for each project. Receiving these additional services from a single source helps customers to reduce interfaces.

In order to monitor and configure decentralised IT infrastructures Datwyler provides the DIMS infrastructure management platform. This is continually evolving. For example, OEM components are constantly being integrated into the software so that projects can be implemented more quickly.

Business Applications

In addition, Datwyler offers the services which facilitate smooth system integration, and supports its customers not only in collecting data, but in realizing complete information chains, achieving end-to-end functionality and making the best possible use of the knowledge gained from the data.

Cloud architectures in particular call for a lot of expert knowledge – even more so if the cloud provider’s fog or edge computing offerings are to be incorporated. The latter makes sense to the extent that these offerings not only contribute to the global availability and standardisation of functions, but also offer the advantage of high scalability.

Particularly with decentralised IT infrastructures the network connection and the monitoring thereof are important activities in ensuring smooth operation. Here technologies like SD-WAN and 5G have created new opportunities which, depending on the requirements of a project, Datwyler will integrate into an edge computing solution together with its partners.

Considering such a comprehensive technology stack, security becomes even more important, both physical and virtual (cyber security). Here again Datwyler provides comprehensive services to ensure security at all times – for both IT and OT environments.

Continuous online experience for customers

Datwyler believes that individual and flexible solutions are part of a good service. The company is developing an uninterrupted online chain of experience for its customers.

The new global online configurator is making a start. Those interested can use it to draft their own solution for their edge computing infrastructure – and receive an initial estimate of cost. With Datwyler’s support they can then plan, develop, commission and maintain their individual solution. Thanks to Datwyler’s Smart Service Platform it is possible to inspect the existing IT and OT infrastructures on the various sites of an organisation and remotely monitor, administer and maintain them.

Datwyler supplements its comprehensive, globally available technology, infrastructure and system integration portfolio with an extensive network of specialist regional service partners. You can find out more about this topic in the current issue of our customer magazine “Panorama” (from page 32).