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Turnkey Implementation and Commissioning

The very complex tasks of installing, testing, and commissioning an IT infrastructure on an end user’s site – be it a communications network or even a data centre with racks, cabling, power distribution, cooling, and monitoring devices – need qualified staff and a significant amount of time. Organisations typically have neither the personnel nor the time for such activities because they do not count as core tasks.

Datwyler will happily take over day-to-day project management, coordinate logistics with different hardware suppliers – particularly if the installation requires a roll-out to different locations –, will assure quality throughout the installation phase, and hand over to the end customer a tested and functional solution on time and within budget under premium warranty conditions.
Datwyler’s Turnkey Implementation and Commissioning Services comprise:

● Project management of internal resources and external partners with a project plan, milestone planning, and regular reporting

● Sourcing and logistics as well as on-time delivery of hardware and software (to one or more locations)

● Technical execution planning down to the level of layout, splicing, patching, power distribution, etc.

● Turnkey implementation of the physical installation/configuration by qualified specialists

● Professional and comprehensive digital documentation

● Testing and quality assurance

● Handover and Commissioning of the fully functioning and tested system (with warranty)