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This course is to certify cabling installers so they are familiar with Datwyler cabling solutions and latest standards, have sufficient knowledge of the proper installing method and test certification report requirements, which are according to the applicable standard and acceptable to Datwyler for warranty registration. The trainee can take their own time to complete the entire course within 3 months.

Participation for the course is only by approval by Datwyler’s representative in your country. Please follow below steps:

1.  Create your e-learning account using your email as username through this portal:
     Code: datwyler
2.  Check your email and click the web link to fill in your particulars
3.  Select SCS-101 and click enroll 
4.  Wait until your enrollment is approved by your Datwyler’s representative
     (sales person or country manager) and course admin
5.  Upon the approval, the email will be sent to you to confirm your participation. 
     You can start the course. If you have any question, you can contact any Datwyler’s rep
     or email that is provided in the portal
6.  You are given 3 chances to pass each Exam with minimum passing mark of 70%. 
     All answers are in the course so please replay the module if you still could not pass