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FO adapters en FO koppelingen

1 SC-Duplex
2 SC-Simplex
3 ST
5 LC-Duplex
6 LC/APC Quad


The adapters have a slotted floating zirconia sleeve and are suitable for accepting fibre optic connectors with zirconia ferrules.
They comply with the requirements of the IEC 61754 family of standards.


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Artikelnr.VoorraadArtikelVezeltypeStekker typeBescherming van de laserMateriaal behuizingKleurMontageprofielenGewicht [kg]
418513 FO adapter LCD MMMMLCDNopolymeerbeigeflens0 kg
418516 FO adapter LCD MMMMLCDNopolymeeraquaflens0 kg
418514 FO adapter LCD SMSMLCDNopolymeerblauwflens0 kg
418525 FO adapter LCD MMMMLCDNopolymeerbeigewithout flange0 kg
418526 FO adapter LCD SMSMLCDNopolymeerblauwwithout flange0.01 kg
418528 FO adapter LCD MMMMLCDNopolymeeraquawithout flange0.01 kg
418531 FO adapter LCD MMMMLCDNopolymeerheidepaarsflens0 kg
418533 FO adapter LCD MMMMLCDNopolymeerheidepaarswithout flange0.01 kg
418546 FO adapter LCD MMMMLCDYespolymeeraquaflens0 kg
418547 FO adapter LCD MMMMLCDYespolymeerheidepaarsflens0 kg
418548 FO adapter LCD SMSMLCDYespolymeerblauwflens0 kg
418515 FO adapter LCD/APC SMSMLCD/APCNopolymeergroenflens0 kg
418527 FO adapter LCD/APC SMSMLCD/APCNopolymeergroenwithout flange0.01 kg
418549 FO adapter LCD/APC SMSMLCD/APCYespolymeergroenflens0 kg
418517 FO adapter LCQ MMMMLCQNopolymeerbeigeflens0.01 kg
418518 FO adapter LCQ MMMMLCQNopolymeeraquaflens0.01 kg
418519 FO adapter LCQ SMSMLCQNopolymeerblauwflens0.01 kg
418530 FO adapter LCQ MMMMLCQNopolymeerheidepaarsflens0.01 kg
418520 FO adapter LCQ/APC SMSMLCQ/APCNopolymeergroenflens0.01 kg
418553 FO adapter LSH MMMMLSHYespolymeerbeigethreaded flange0.01 kg
418552 FO adapter LSH SMSMLSHYespolymeerblauwthreaded flange0.01 kg
418554 FO adapter LSH MMMMLSHYespolymeeraquathreaded flange0.01 kg
418555 FO adapter LSH MMMMLSHYespolymeerheidepaarsthreaded flange0.01 kg
418551 FO adapter LSH/APC SMSMLSH/APCYespolymeergroenthreaded flange0.01 kg
418505 FO adapter SC SMSMSCNopolymeerblauwflens0 kg
418506 FO adapter SC/APC SMSMSC/APCNopolymeergroenflens0 kg
418559 FO adapter SC/APC SMSMSC/APCYespolymeergroenflens0 kg
418508 FO adapter SCD OM2OM2SCDNopolymeerbeigeflens0.01 kg
418510 FO adapter SCD MMMMSCDNopolymeeraquaflens0.01 kg
418511 FO adapter SCD SMSMSCDNopolymeerblauwflens0.01 kg
418522 FO adapter SCD MMMMSCDNometaalzilverflens0.02 kg
418523 FO adapter SCD SMSMSCDNometaalzilverflens0.02 kg
418532 FO adapter SCD MMMMSCDNopolymeerheidepaarsflens0.01 kg
418512 FO adapter SCD/APC SMSMSCD/APCNopolymeergroenflens0.01 kg
418524 FO adapter SCD/APC SMSMSCD/APCNometaalzilverflens0.01 kg
1414886 FO adapter ST MM/SMMM/SMSTNometaalzilverD hole0.01 kg
1412762 FO adapter FC/PC MM/SMMM/SMFC/PCNometaalzilverD hole0.05 kg