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ODF subracks, Standard

High-density subrack for Datwyler ODF, 3U


The Datwyler ODF subracks are particularly suitable for high-density applications in telco/carrier networks.
They provide advanced splice and patch systems and cable management.
Smooth and convenient swing-out system.
Cable glands to secure the incoming fibres.
Strain relief for all cables.
Bend radius control for fibres.

  • Backbone and distribution networks, particularly for PoPs in the carrier section.
    Also suitable for data centres and LAN projects (19″).


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Artikelnr.VoorraadArtikelAntaal AdaptersAdapterAantal vezelsBuitenste afmetingenGewicht [kg]GTIN
19694900ZY ODF subrack, Standard24LCD/APC483 U,6.65 kg40393910091533
19694800ZY ODF subrack, Standard48LCD/APC963 U,6.4 kg40393910091540
19694700ZY ODF subrack, Standard72LCD/APC1443 U,6.1 kg