Tornare a: Cavi mobili

FH – PVC – supported

High rise – travelling height maximum 400m

Drawing according to article number 161448 - Type 8292-F


Elevator suspension cable for indoor and panoramic elevators

  • To comply with the correct installation procedures please refer to the Datwyler installation manual which is available separately
  • Outer sheath colour grigio
  • Outer sheath material PVC
  • Core flexible class 5
  • Core insulation PVC
  • Supporting members ST = Steel, diameter in [mm]
  • Standard per cavi flessibili di controllo dell'ascensore EN 50214
  • Rated voltage Uo/U according to table
  • Operating temperature -15 °C - +70 °C
  • Coax grigio
  • Core black, white numbered, G = with green-yellow core(s)
  • Pair/quad various colours or black with white numbers
  • Maximum free suspension 220 m
  • Maximum free suspension 220 米
  • Acceleration 1.2 m/s²
  • Maximum running speed 12 m/s
  • Maximum travelling height 400 m
  • Maximum travelling height 400 米
  • Recommended loop diameter according to table, tolerance -50/+100 mm


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Article No.MagazzinoProdottoTasso di CU [kg\km]Weight [kg\km]
157219 7877-F309 kg/km1099
185284 7877-F446 kg/km1597
161448 8292-F400 kg/km1372