Tornare a: Standard Wifi5

WiFi accessories - power supply



The PoGE system supplies the Xirrus array internally with direct current via the Gigabit Ethernet data interface. As the arrays require more power than other WLAN solutions, use of the PoGE system is imperative and already included in the bundle packages on offer. PoE adapters for use in racks or cabinet systems are available as accessories.

  • The Xirrus XP Power over Gigabit Ethernet (PoGE) system is used to provide Xirrus WiFi arrays with a simple and cost-effective remote power supply by way of the data cable.


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Article No.MagazzinoProdottoPeso [kg]
103652 XP1-MSI-300.45 kg
103724 XP1-MSI-750.45 kg
103728 XP8-MSI-70M4.99 kg