Tornare a: CatTV (TV su TP)

CAT TV Balun

Active balun, up to 862MHz,
for the distribution of CATV signals

CAT TV Balun


The CAT TV Balun reconverts the balanced signal (100 ohm) that is transmitted from the CAT TV Panel over the structured cabling system into an unbalanced (75 ohm) coaxial output for the connection of an end device (e.g. television, radio). One CAT TV Balun is required for each link to an end device. A 3-position switch provides adjustment for cable length, attenuation and equalization.

  • For the distribution of CATV signals over structured premises cabling.


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Article No.MagazzinoProdottoHF Output 1HF Output 2Frequency range backwardFrequency range forwardPeso [kg]
1411769 CAT TV Balun with backward channel 5-65 MHz1x IEC plug, 75 ohm, for TV/radio1x F-type jack, 75 ohm, for data5-65 MHz85 - 862 MHz0.12 kg