Tornare a: Microtubi

Micro ducts

Micro ducts


Micro ducts are used for the mechanical protection of fibre optic micro cables – for direct burial or for the laying in pipe systems.


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Article No.MagazzinoProdottoInstallation typeColoreMaterialeDiametro (esterno/interno)Packing unit
343261 Microduct 7/4 mmdirect burialrossoHDPE7/4 mm6000 m tamburo
343361 Microduct 8/5 mmdirect burialrossoHDPE8/5 mm4800 m tamburo
343561 Microduct 5/3.5 mmin piperossoHDPE5/3.5 mm5000 m tamburo
343661 Microduct 12/8 mmdirect burialrossoHDPE12/8 mm2000 m tamburo
343761 Microduct 14/10 mmdirect burialrossoHDPE14/10 mm1350 m tamburo
343861 Microduct 16/12 mmdirect burialrossoHDPE16/12 mm1000 m tamburo
343961 Microduct 18/14 mmdirect burialrossoHDPE18/14 mm2200 m tamburo
344061 Microduct 8/6 mmin piperossoHDPE8/6 mm4800 m tamburo
344161 Microduct 10/8 mmin piperossoHDPE10/8 mm3000 m tamburo
344261 Microduct 12/10 mmin piperossoHDPE12/10 mm2000 m tamburo
344361 Microduct 14/12 mmin piperossoHDPE14/12 mm1350 m tamburo
344461 Microduct 16/14 mmin piperossoHDPE16/14 mm1000 m tamburo
344561 Microduct 18/16 mmin piperossoHDPE18/16 mm1250 m tamburo
344661 Microduct 7/5.5 mmin piperossoHDPE7/5.5 mm6000 m tamburo
344761 Microduct 5/3.5 mmin piperossoLSZH5/3.5 mm5000 m tamburo
344861 Microduct 10/5.5 mmdirect burialrossoLSZH10/5.5 mm3000 m tamburo
344961 Microduct 14/10 mmdirect burialrossoLSZH14/10 mm1350 m tamburo
Other colours available on request.