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Measurement / Patch cord PS-GG45 7A


Patch cords with PS-GG45 7A plugs allow for Class FA compliant cabling systems (up to 1000 MHz) and for Class F installations (up to 600 MHz). The PS-GG45 7A plug uses only 4 x 2 contacts in the top nd bottom corners of the PS-GG45 7A module, whereby best NEXT und RL values can be achieved.
The unused contacts will be connected through a switch to ground.
Measurement cords with PS-GG45 7A plugs are primarily needed for acceptance testings. Future viability GG45 cabling systems that use standard patch cords (RJ45/RJ45) provide enough electrical reserve capacities for 10-gigabit Ethernet applications (10GBase-T). When deploying adapter patch cords with one RJ45 and one PS-GG45 plug you can achieve more than 1000 times better reserve capacities in the Channel. These reserve capacities are large enough also for the transmission of future applications in Class FA cabling systems up to 1000 MHz.

  • Costruzione di cavi 4x2
  • Cat./Class Cat.7A / Class FA
  • GG45TM is a registered trade name of NEXANS.
  • Categoria 7A
  • Schermatura schermati
  • GBit\s A 10 Gbit/s
  • Pin assignment 1:1
  • Cable type S/FTP
  • Type of connector connection 1 GG45
  • Type of connector connection 2 GG45
  • AWG 24


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Article No.MagazzinoProdottoColore della guaina esternaOuter sheath materialLunghezza (m)Peso [kg]
400120 Measurement/Patch cord PS-GG45 1000 MHz 4ParanciaFRNC/LSZH2 m0.09 kg
400140 Patch cord PS-GG45 1000MHz 4ParanciaFRNC/LSZH1 m0.05 kg
400141 Patch cord PS-GG45 1000MHz 4ParanciaFRNC/LSZH2 m0.12 kg
400142 Patch cord PS-GG45 1000MHz 4ParanciaFRNC/LSZH3 m0.16 kg
400143 Patch cord PS-GG45 1000MHz 4ParanciaFRNC/LSZH5 m0.24 kg
400145 Patch cord PS-GG45 1000MHz 4ParanciaFRNC/LSZH10 m0.44 kg