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SD-WAN as the foundation for digitalisation

An Interview with Thomas Dingel

13 déc. 2023

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“The trend towards the cloud will also further fuel the demand for SD-WAN,” insists Thomas Dingel. In an exclusive interview for our customer magazine the Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom Global Business & Security Schweiz AG explains the possible applications and potential of this technology.

“SD-WAN is a highly flexible, software-based network. It offers full transparency from a central application,” says Dingel. “Companies gain insight into traffic on the network. They can identify bottlenecks and allocate bandwidth dynamically and according to demand.”

The Managing Director explains the other advantages of SD-WAN solutions compared with traditional network infrastructures and architectures, and the role they can play in digital transformation. Dingel also gives an assessment of SD-WAN acceptance on the market.