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Change of leadership at Datwyler IT Infra

Interview with CEOs old and new

27 nov. 2023

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In October Adrian Bolliger took over the position of CEO of Datwyler IT Infra from Johannes Müller. What does this change of leadership involve? What are his successor’s strategic priorities? And how can Datwyler’s customers benefit? An exclusive interview answers these intriguing questions. It appeared in the current issue of our customer magazine “Panorama”.

In the interview Johannes Müller looks back on 19 years as CEO. During this time he succeeded, among other things, in transforming the company “from a traditional cable manufacturer into an innovative high-tech company in the forward-looking ICT sector”, enabling profitable worldwide growth.

Adrian Bolliger, his successor, shares the same strategic aim: “We want to continue this transformation and in the next 12 to 24 months make our ICT business a strategic priority, particularly the development of solutions and the implementation of IT projects to help our customers succeed in growing their business.”

The new CEO explains what Datwyler’s customers can expect, what his strategic priorities will be, and discusses the challenges that companies are facing in the IT and OT infrastructure sector today. “With our expertise we can considerably ease the workload for these companies in the areas of design and construction through to implementation of the solution. In this context we are talking of support from ‘connectivity’ through ‘infrastructure’ to ‘application’ – and with us our customers, global and local alike, have one point of contact for everything.”

Transformation is opportunity and challenge at the same time. “Our customers are faced with ever greater requirements which lead to increasingly complex questions. (…) These questions must be answered in order to be fit for the future. Here we provide comprehensive solutions and an outstanding advisory service.”