IMU Intelligent Management Unit

24-port control switching unit for Intelligent Patch Panels
E-cabling Solution - Control Switching Unit

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24-port Intelligent Management Unit, IMU1 pza.

Especificaciones técnicas

Management interface for electronic patch panels. Live data collection and upload. 100-Mbps Ethernet interface provides high-speed data upload. Front panel equipped with LED power indicator and LED status. Port provides short circuit protection. Supports web-server for IP, building information, wiring cabinets information, wiring patch information.
Impresión de aplicaciones Sorry, this product is not available in your country.Patch cords location.
View patch panel port connection status.
Patch cords disconnect operation guide.
Alarms messages and alarm status handling.
IMU's IP address.
Setting IMU's ID.
Rear port connection status and patch cord connection status.
Cargado / Descargado Loaded - RJ45 Cat.6A
This unit is part of Datwyler's E-cabling Solution.