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Only B2ca cables for railway tunnels in Europe

Revision of European Commission Regulation 1303/2014

25 sept 2019

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A new Commission Implementing Regulation on Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) relating to Safety in Railway Tunnels (SRT) was published in June 2019. In accordance with the new TSI SRT 1301/2014, from 16th June 2019 onwards only cables which fulfil the requirements of fire class B2ca and the additional requirements s1a and a1 (CPR) may be installed in railway tunnels longer than one kilometre

The revision of the current TSI SRT was originated by industry organisations, including the European Agency for Railways (ERA). The Railway Interoperability and Safety Committee (RISC) approved the proposed additional requirements s1a (slight smoke generation, transmittance ≥ 80%) und a1 (slightly corrosive flue gases).

Deviations from this are allowed after a “thorough” risk assessment only. For example, cables with functional integrity must be taken into account even if they have not yet been assigned fire classification as defined in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

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