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Digitisation leads to greater efficiency

Update from Datwyler’s Swiss plant

23 feb 2022

News 2022 02 Digitisation

With the digitisation of production at Datwyler IT Infra’s Swiss headquarters the company is well on the way to more transparent and more efficient processes. By the end of this year process data from the machines, e.g. temperatures, speeds and performance, will be transmitted to the in-house data centre every second.

The data recorded will be used for the future preventative planning of service cycles in order to achieve the greatest possible machine availability. Immediate conclusions on the quality produced will also be possible as well as a high degree of precision, as the historic data deliver easily understood comparative values. The idea of controlling and monitoring a day’s production from a control centre is little by little becoming a reality.

The paramount objective is still to increase efficiency. In this respect digitisation will make a crucial contribution to the competitiveness of the Altdorf site.

You will find an overview of the individual projects and the current state of affairs here (PDF) >