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More than compact and energy-efficient

Micro Data Centres: Top for quality, operating safety, maintenance

24 may 2022

News 2022 05 MDC Vorteile

Datwyler’s Micro Data Centres (MDCs) are compact and energy-efficient data centres in a pre-assembled rack with a power supply and cooling, as well as environmental monitoring and security systems. They provide numerous benefits to businesses, particularly those with branches in various locations – from a compact footprint through to energy efficiency.

When carrying out a cost-benefit analysis, however, users should also bear in mind the intangible benefits of MDCs and the opportunity costs. In the pre-assembled version, for example, the quality of the components is assured in the factory. This shortens project planning time and reduces the work involved in commissioning.

As for maintenance and repair, Datwyler acts as the central contact and works with specialist service partners throughout the world. This cuts warehousing costs and means that maintenance orders are acted on more speedily. Downtimes can be reduced by the comprehensive documentation of mechanical, electrical and IT services. With Datwyler as the expert partner for system maintenance, moreover, operators do not need to spend time and money on training any of their own staff in all these fields ...

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