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Cooling systems conduct waste heat away from the data centre and ensure that the IT systems run at an optimum operating temperature range of 18 to 27 °C and a humidity range of 40 to 60%. As a rule, they consist of air-conditioning units in the computer rooms and the sub-systems, which are required for their operation; for example refrigerating machines, re-cooling towers, condensers, pumps, pipelines, distribution networks as well as components of the regulation and control circuits down to the rack level.

The cooling and air conditioning systems in modern data centres must be redundantly designed in both capacity component and distribution path to meet the requirements of highly available systems. We place particular value on energy-efficient cooling concepts which represent the power usage efficiency (PUE) of the total data centre.

Our cooling solutions are precisely designed to meet these requirements and are based on innovative technologies, offering you the highest efficiency and power with minimum long-term operating costs. With our complete solutions, you have available a comprehensive cooling portfolio for the specific requirements of IT platforms in your business-critical server rooms and data centre sites – from limited requirements through to those of high-performance platforms.

We use only reliable precision equipment for the computer room air conditioning (CRAC, CRAH): closed control units (CCUs) as well as open row coolers and closed side coolers which ensure cooling power according to demand and precise cold air guidance.

Among the features of our CCUs are their high reliability and their customer and project specific design as regards the necessary technology, power, redundancy and expandability.

Our portfolio of the open row coolers and closed side coolers includes solutions with many different redundancy and power options, depending on whether they are used in open rack rows in which targeted individual high-density zones or racks must be supplied with higher cooling power, or whether they are incorporated in cold air or warm air passages where mixing of the airflows and resultant cooling losses must be avoided.

In addition there are complete solutions for energy-efficient cold and/or hot isle containment as well as built-in raised floor cooling panels and innovative floor panel technologies for an intelligent regulation of cold air.

Each of our precision solutions integrates seamlessly into the cooling concept chosen by you, whether it is free, geothermic or solar cooling, with or without raised floor, and with chilled water (CHW) or with gas (direct expansion, DX).

The power supply in the data centre must also meet all the requirements for high availability. It is not just the lifeblood of the IT equipment, but also of the air conditioning, the safety systems and the data connections. A sophisticated concept with dual power and emergency supply, as well as mains supply from different sources, secured by powerful uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and fully automatic emergency power generators (emergency power system, EPS) with up to 72 hours autonomous time, are indispensable today in high-availability data centres.

Datwyler offers you robust and reliable solutions for the power supply of your business-critical systems.

For this purpose, there are primarily UPS and battery banks and fully modular variants of these products, which ensure the secure operation of your equipment and – tailored to the on-site requirements – full redundancy, zero downtime maintenance and local as well as remote management, making modular power enhancements possible during operational running.

As a necessary enhancement for this purpose, we offer diesel or electric emergency power generators, which have proved their worth in environments other than in data centres, for example in the industry. All these generators are designed so that they can be extended by additional units and synchronisation according to location and load.

Of course all associated electrical equipment components are included in our portfolio of complete solutions for the data centre: distributors and switching equipment, automatic and static transfer switches (ATS, STS), residual current and overvoltage protection (FI/LS), bus bar systems and the cabling itself.

In addition, we also offer the most modern standard Dynamic Rotary UPS (DRUPS) to introduce a system which, in one single unit, can cope-up with and replace the generator, the static UPS and its batteries as well as the automatic transfer switch (ATS).

Reliable power for your mission-critical data and applications.

The implementation of your power supply system is done, as a rule, from the supply transformers or from the building entry as a continuous 5-conductor network (according to the TN-S principle), because the separation of the neutral conductor (N) and the protective earth (PE) conductor is a basic requirement for fault-free energy and data transmission.

A fire alarm and suppression system protects the server room and minimizes or prevents fire damage. It should be an essential element in server room design and preparation. Fire can be devastating in a computer environment. Tapes, paper and plastics burn well, and the losses in equipment, computing time and data are enormous. 

As an added safety measure, fire prevention equipment should be installed in the computer room independently from the rest of the building.To be able to limit the effects of a fire, the individual areas of the data centre are subdivided into several fire areas separated from each other by bulkheads. Systems for the early detection of fire (fire prevention) and for fire fighting should be installed in each section.

The fire protection solutions from Datwyler ensure that the valuable equipment and business-critical data in your data centre do not become damaged. Our comprehensive portfolio covers all the systems needed for preventative fire protection, from an active smoke detector system, a fire warning system to gas or aerosol extinguishing systems.

Our modern active smoke detector systems operate with a room air suction (RAS) device among other things, and highly-sensitive intelligent sensor technology. This ensures safe early fire detection without continually leading to false alarms. The modular systems offered by Datwyler, which can be used to monitor a whole room as well as single racks, will impress you with their ease of installation, commissioning, programming and maintenance.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems, which operate using inert gases, gaseous chemicals or aerosols, prevent the spread of fire in an emergency, do not cause any short-circuits and minimise the damage in your data centre.

A hydrogen detection system offers early warning and alarm, especially in closed rooms and facilities, and provides an automatic supply of air from a defined threshold value.

Eliminate the risk of fire and
protect your assets.

Furthermore, there are innovative systems which reduce the oxygen in your data centre by supplying nitrogen, so that a fire cannot occur at all. Datwyler has a solution in its portfolio for this fire protection application, operating without the need for pressure control valves.

Many data centre operators consider investment in systems for the control of environmental conditions and the detection of any leaks as an unnecessary expense. The implementation of a Data Centre Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) offers the advantage of being able to remotely monitor the data centre’s current state and to prevent potential failures.  Within the scope of our range of solutions, we can therefore offer you particularly economical monitoring solutions with which you can cover the whole spectrum of controls: those of the environmental conditions and of power consumption as well as those of the IP cameras and of the system operation.

The systems offered by Datwyler can easily be integrated into existing management solutions such as Nagios®, hp® OpenView or Patrol®. Messages about dangerous deviations can be sent to those people responsible by SMS, e-mail or SNMP, with a visual or acoustic alarm.

Environmental control, safety and management are combined seamlessly together in our solutions. Early detection of deviations makes it possible for you to immediately introduce the required measures to prevent an escalation of the situation – thus counteracting interruptions in operation or even a system failure.

Temperature and humidity can be monitored using hard-wired or radio-frequency sensors which are secured on the ceilings and walls or placed directly in the racks.

Modern water and leakage controls operate using various types of detection cables or detection mats which ensure real-time measurement and reliable alarm alerts in business-critical environments.

Datwyler also offers you an economical solution for power and load monitoring and management, suitable for the most varied of requirements and enabling effective local and remote monitoring. With this, you have an overview at all times of the quality of the energy supplied, equipment loadings, load curves as well as voltage drops and ripple harmonics – and  can plan preventative measures such as repairs or enhancements.

Multi-level security systems ensure physical, technical and personal security in the data centre. This starts with monitoring of the site and the buildings and goes on to the control of the individual systems. The control of these systems is through a risk management and building management system which shows the status and monitors normal operation. All areas of the building management technology, including the video monitoring and access control, are connected to it. Messages are captured in an emergency call and service control room, which introduces the necessary measures when needed.

Modern closed circuit television (CCTV) camera systems are available for video monitoring in the data centre, offering all the necessary functions: multi-camera management, digital recording, simultaneous replay, image authentication, enhanced search functions including intelligent motion detection (Smart Motion Search), and a user-friendly control centre for remote access.

For access control, Datwyler recommends a powerful system solution which operates with hybrid and multi-layer authentication and offers comprehensive security functions. The web control interface, the systems interoperability and the integrated biometrics of this solution ensure at all times that all accesses are monitored and only authorised persons gain access. In addition, all admissions are logged and securely recorded.

Cabling plays a key role in high-availability. The corner stones of a modern IT cabling system in the data centre field are flexibility and continuous application support for existing and future technologies. The corresponding plug-and-play systems should also offer space-savings in the rack and operate at transmission rates of up to 40 and 100 Gbit/sec.

You can essentially choose between three different approaches for the fail-safe high-speed data transmission solution in your data centre: classical ad-hoc cabling using copper and fibre-optic technology, a complete or partially pre-assembled solution with multiple cables (trunks), or a modular high-density fibre-optic solution, for example, the «Datwyler Data Centre Solution» (DCS) or the company‘s new developments, «HDPS» and «HD-DCS».

For the classical solution – which may be preferred due to on-site demands or integration with legacy hardware – Datwyler offers you a wide range of high-quality data and patch cables, connecting technologies, distribution boxes, racks and accessories. All conceivable application areas are covered by this solution: from the cabling of small server rooms to complex installations with high-speed requirements.

Pre-assembled systems with trunk cables – cut to length and printed according to the customer‘s requirements, equipped with connectors or modules and pre-tested in the factory – offer you the advantage of much faster installation, simpler cable management and easier documentation. A solution like this requires more planning effort in advance but saves time and costs during the installation itself. The trunk cables, which are pre-assembled and capacity-determined in the laboratory, reduce not only the error rate but also the measuring expenditure on-site. With trunk cabling, adds and enhancements can also be quickly and easily implemented.

The Datwyler Data Centre Solution (DCS) is a future-safe, pre-assembled plug-and-go fibre optic solution which has been specially developed for high-density requirements in data centres. It features very high quality cable and components and high-precision connector manufacture. Because of its excellent optical and geometric properties, this solution is suitable for not just all of today’s high-speed applications, but also those of the future, such as 32GFC, 40/100G-Ethernet and 120G Infiniband. Modular components which can be configured in any required combination offer users the highest degree of design flexibility.

Datwyler´s latest system solutions, HDPS and HD-DCS, offer all this and even higher port densities of up to 72 or 96 LCD or MTP Ports per height unit.

The data centre cabling provided by Datwyler not only complies with the approved international standards ISO/IEC 24764, EN 50173:2011 (Europe) and TIA/EIA-942-2-2010 (SP-3-0092), but also generally exceed current standards and drafts by considerable margin offers – and therefore guarantee higher future viability and design flexibility.

The Datwyler solution portfolio covers the whole topology, from supply networks (external network interfaces, ENS), through the main distribution area (MDA) with core and switching racks to the horizontal or zone distribution area (HDA/ZDA) or to the server and central switch racks.

The selection of cables and connecting technology in data centres is determined by the network topology, IT components and selected cabling concept. There is a trend for new switching architectures and flat hierarchies (diverse data centre fabric models). But we also have a large number of typical architectures: top of rack switching, mainly used in high-density server environments, middle or end of row switching enabling the connection of several server cabinets, as well as integrated switching for blade server networks. In many cases we also realise a central distributor in a patched cross-connect environment. This architecture places significant demands on the quality of the cabling system components.

The cable support and routing system must take into account the type of cabling, the fire protection, the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the quality of the equipotential bonding in the building and the MICE environmental classification (according to EN 50173-1, for example). In addition it must be designed for future extensions to the system of communication cables.

A well-chosen rack or cabinet will not only look good, but will add security, increase the lifespan of your devices and also make it easier to maintain the equipment inside, so saving you money and time.

The IT racks which we offer are as varied as the requirements of our customers. The designs cover standard racks in various sizes as well as modular constructions which we can supply you customised to the particular occupancy, cooling concept, cabling and/or security requirements.

Among other things, in our wide range of rack accessories you will find IP-based monitored and managed PDUs, modular iPDUs, IP-KVMs, circulating fans, lights, intelligent and configurable locking systems, grounding and equipotential bonding sets, cable management kits, shelves, blanking panels and much more.

To complete the fit-out of your data centre, Datwyler offers you high-quality, robust and long-life floor panels, raised floor panels, ceiling panels, partitions, fire doors and much more. As with all installations we complete with the aid of professional specialist partner companies, you can be certain that they will not conflict with the planning and implementation of the other important disciplines and installations such as data cabling or the supply of power or water, and that the result will be in accordance with your specifications and also the applicable standards.

With interior fittings, we direct our special attention to the measures which concern cooling and air conditioning. Here we offer you complete solutions for the installation of pressurised or raised floors, including innovative floor panel technologies for variable regulation of cold air.

Central to the energy efficiency of your data centre are housing solutions and the accompanying arrangement of cold and hot aisle containment. Because the active components and the IT racks in “mature” computer centres often originate from different manufacturers, a variety of shapes and sizes must be taken into account, and these can only be tackled with flexible concepts.

We can upgrade existing IT rooms at any time, also retrospectively, with energy-efficient, reliable cooling systems which are designed according to your requirements and which can be integrated simply into the existing infrastructure.

Containerized data centres (CDC) or mobile solutions provide a fully functional data centre inside a regular ISO container, with complete infrastructure including cooling, power, structural protection, fire protection, monitoring, access control, etc., within a secure environment design, comprising a modular and flexible approach.

Mobile data centres are ideal when you have a need for extra capacity at short notice but do not have the time or resources to set up a “traditional” facility. Our mobile solutions offer you the complete infrastructure required to start operating almost immediately. You profit from a plug-and-play solution in a secure environment, which at the same time offers a high degree of flexibility, expandability and efficient power consumption (power usage effectiveness, PUE). With it you minimise the initial investment required and from the start you have an additional data centre facility and/or an innovative disaster recovery facility.

As with all our solutions, Datwyler’s mobile data centres meet the required standards with respect to design and equipment. The installed components, and our manufacturing processes and quality controls meet also the current national and international standards.