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Cumplimiento de requisitos

The nerve centre of your company

The data centre is the nerve centre of a company. Your business-critical data, applications and systems must be available at all times so that your business processes run smoothly. At the same time, your data centre should be as easy as possible to manage, allow modular expansion and modernisation when required and be energy-efficient in operation.

You can only meet these requirements with a carefully planned and sophisticated electromechnanical and IT infrastructure.

To ensure an uninterrupted and at the same time cost-efficient operation in the long-term, established know-how is required in the different areas and disciplines such as cooling, power, physical equipment, physical security, fire detection and suppression, ICT cabling and environmental monitoring solutions. From the initial planning phase, during the installation and commissioning, through to any changes and enhancements which may be carried out later. In the process, the individual disciplines must never be considered in isolation. They always need to be seen as an integral whole.

In addition, every data centre has its own unique structure. A specific solution must be found for every environment with its individual requirements, and of course this must be according to the current standards.

Not least during the planning, all the cost-benefit factors must be constantly weighed up against each other. For example, the highest possible uptime of 99.995% fault-tolerant site infrastructure with electrical power storage and distribution facilities which corresponds to tier IV of the ANSI/TIA-942-B standard can only be achieved with considerable capital investment. One of the reasons for this is that a drop in system utilisation, with an increase in tier level, is accompanied on the other hand by higher operating costs for power and maintenance. A possible alternative to this would be two separately located data centres, both of which comply with tier II, but also can achieve an overall availability of 99.995%.

These aspects make it clear: for such complex matters as planning, installation or modernisation of your data centre infrastructure, you need a professional partner. With years of experience and many successfully implemented data centre projects across the world, Datwyler is perfectly placed to fill this role.

Datwyler IT Infra is a leading provider of high-quality complete solutions for IT infrastructures in public and commercial buildings and data centres as well as for fibre broadband networks. Our well-established company with over 100-year tradition of quality and accomplishment successfully operates in the global market as a reliable supplier of innovative products and system solutions and – in close cooperation with experienced partners – also as subcontractor or main contractor, covering the whole supply chain: from auditing and validation of the existing data centre (our «Data Centre Health Check» propositional service) through consultation services, planning, design and implementation of new data centre infrastructures to the documentation and preventive maintenance.

Datwyler delivers state-of-art systems incorporating all the qualities of a successful infrastructure solution: reliability, efficiency, agility, manageability and modularity. By focussing on these key aspects, Datwyler infrastructure solutions allow clients to optimize operational savings while maximizing their competitive advantages.

We offer you coordinated, efficient product solutions for the successful planning and implementation of your data centre project. Datwyler achieves the necessary high availability and fail-safe operation by redundant design of all essential systems. The quality, stability and conformance to data centre standards of the solutions introduced by us ensure future security, reduced operating expenditure and protection of investment. With regard to moves, adds and changes, plus future technology migration, we work with modular and flexible systems as well as with pre-packaged or pre-assembled high-performance plug-and-play solutions that are simple to update and cause less disruption.

Our product solutions are complemented by professional services which correspond to the typical project process – from the required preliminary site surveys and studies through to operation. You can use these services individually, but also in combination, as required.

During the implementation of data centre projects – depending on the project definition – we make use of our own resources as well as expert knowledge from our actively-managed network of partners. In particular, our technology and installation partners make it possible for us to implement a comprehensive high-quality complete solution for your data centre.

When selecting partners for projects, we first discuss the options with you, our client. You may wish to use a contractor that you already know, as it is helpful if the partner is familiar with the site or existing data centre infrastructure. If you don’t have a preference, we will be happy to recommend a suitable company. In either case it is important for us that the corresponding firms or individuals employed for carrying out the project are trained and certificated by us, to ensure a high standard of quality.