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Datwyler systems installed in Salzburg hospital


The renovation and expansion of Zell am See Hospital in Salzburg began in late 2011. The new ward opened in November. The communications network and safety cabling consist largely of Datwyler solutions.

The 10 gigabit-compatible data network is based on around 90 kilometres of type CU 7702 copper data cable (4P and 2x4P) and approximately 5000 Category 6A RJ45 modules. It also incorporates the telephone and nurse call system, IP television and the Internet.

Elin GmbH & Co KG of Salzburg used Datwyler safety cables with extended circuit integrity as well as Datwyler support and mounting systems for the power supply, CSSD, emergency lighting, the smoke and heat ventilation system and the emergency diesel generator. Datwyler products were also used to renovate the existing riser shafts in the old building.