Unshielded Cat.6A solution

Mar 21, 2022

DATWYLER UTP Cat6 A Solution

Datwyler IT Infra can supply a complete portfolio of unshielded Category 6A products to organisations wanting to set up a high-performance copper data network.

Nowadays Category 6A cables and connection technology are the first choice for many companies worldwide when it comes to setting up IT infrastructures using copper technology. They make it possible to achieve high transmission rates of up to 10 gigabits per second and enable the integration of speech (voice over IP), video (CCTV) and other multimedia applications.

As of now Datwyler IT Infra provides a complete portfolio of unshielded Category 6A products for customers wishing to set up high-performance unshielded copper data networks. The product range encompasses thin flexible U/UTP data cables, patch cables, RJ45 modules and patch panels which allow the creation of Class EA structured building cabling systems.

Thin flexible data cable
The key component of the Datwyler solution is the CU 692 4P data cable, with which users can transmit high data rates at a frequency of 500 megahertz for distances of up to 100 metres. Datwyler offers this cable in a significantly improved design, namely in a thinner and more flexible version than the previous one.

Category 6A U/UTP cables are characterised by a specific construction designed to minimise Alien Crosstalk (AXT). This includes larger conductors, tighter twisting, additional internal air space and a separator (cross profile) between the conductor pairs. These features normally increase the external diameter of fully unshielded cables.

The optimised design of the CU 692 4P means that not only has the coupling of interfering signals between the pairs as well as between individual cables been substantially curbed; Datwyler was also able to reduce the cable diameter to eight millimetres. It has therefore become appreciably more flexible, thus permitting smaller bending radii during installation.

As far as fire properties are concerned, the CU 692 4P versions supplied by Datwyler meet the most stringent international requirements, for example those of Classes Dca, Cca, and even B2ca of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

The KU-TC Plus RJ45 module
Datwyler’s Category 6A KU-TC Plus module is a perfect match to the new data cable. It is available in black or white, is fitted with a dust cap, and comes in cardboard boxes of 12. Apart from the fact that it has a tool-free connector complying with the Keystone standard, it is notable for being particularly compact, making it possible to install 48 ports in a single 19 inch rack unit.

At the same time the ingenious clamping system in the rear section of the module fulfils several objectives: the metal flaps play an important part in curbing far-end crosstalk – particularly with high port densities – and ensure simple and effective contact. The module can also be quickly, economically and reliably crimped to the cable, obviating the need for cable connectors.

Category 6A patch cables
Also new are the Category 6A unshielded patch cables, available from Datwyler in lengths from 0.5 to 10 metres. The cables are grey throughout, flexible, and in May 2022 at the latest will be available from stock. Anti-kink sleeves in other colours are also available on request.

Datwyler’s Class EA unshielded solution is completed by the KU 24x 19 inch patch cable. Panels KS 48x (flat) and KS 48x-a (angled) panels are also available for greater port densities. Datwyler also supplies self-supporting front panels, matching surface-mounted boxes, and various adapters for differing designs.