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Patch from left and right

New distribution panels for convenient, effective and secure patch cable handling

Jul 27, 2014

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With the angled KS 24x-a patch panel and a second system comprising the KS 24x-s distribution panel and angled RJ45 KS-TA Keystone modules, Datwyler simultaneously provides two solutions for LAN and data centre copper cabling systems which offer users many advantages over standard 24-port patch panels.

The KS 24x-a (angled) 19-inch/1U patch panel is a convenient space-saving alternative to standard panels. Its angled design obviates the need for management panels or brackets, and prevents tight bending radii and kinking damage. Other advantages are short distances from the ports to the vertical cable ducts in the rack and convenient patch cable handling. Up to 24 modules with a keystone fitting can be quickly and easily latched into the KS 24x-a without tools.

Datwyler´s latest offer is the KS 24x-s (split) distribution panel with 2x 12 ports and the associated new KS-TA Keystone modules. Patch connections can also be made diagonally from left and right using this 19-inch/1U patch panel in combination with the shielded 45 degree angled RJ45 modules, and management panels can be dispensed with. Because of its flat design, moreover, it takes up less depth in the data cabinet.