High speed and high density in data centres

Datwyler’s modular cabling system features high-performance, particularly low-attenuation components

Apr 15, 2012

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Datwyler has developed a modular future-proof fibre optic system solution for high-speed data transmission in computer centres, the outstanding characteristics of which are high-performance, particularly low-attenuation components and high packing density. Other features of the new cabling system include flexibility, scalability and the ability to migrate from 10-gigabit to 40/100-gigabit solutions, as well as fast easy assembly and clear layout. The system solution essentially comprises mini-trunks with pre-assembled MTP connectors, component assemblies (modules) with rear MTP adapters and front LCQ adapters, and LCD patch cables (round cables). The system is available for current OM3 and OM4 multimode fibre types – from Datwyler solely with bend-optimised fibres – and for type OS2 monomode fibre. The modularly equippable 19-inch distribution housings come in 1RU, 3RU and 4RU with matching patch management trays and cable management accessories.

The mini-trunks, measured and preassembled with connectors – and with bend-optimised multimode fibres in addition – provide the ideal solution for fast, neat installations which are secure and clearly laid out despite high packing densities. The MTP connector from US Conec is suitable for future applications with parallel optic signals, for example 40/100 gigabit Ethernet or 120G InfiniBand. Datwyler uses only the manufacturer’s Elite ferrule for connector assembly. In combination with very precise connector design, this ferrule gives excellent insertion and return loss values. If required, Datwyler can also supply mini-trunks prefabricated with single fibre connectors, LC for example, at one or both ends.

The modularly equippable aluminium distribution cabinet provides space on 3RU for the insertion of a maximum of twelve modules or front panels. At the rear of the modules there are two MTP couplers (2x 12 fibres), which are taken via internal fanouts to six LC quad couplers at the front of the module. Front panels with six LC quads each provide an alternative for the single fibre assemblies. The modules and front panels allow packing densities of up to 288 fibres on 3RU, equivalent to 144 LC duplex connections. For later migration to 40 or 100 gigabits per second the modules in the distribution cabinets need only be replaced by MTP front panels. Datwyler supplies high-performance MTP patch cables for connection of the 40/100G transceivers.

For the integration of 10 gigabit copper links the distribution cabinets can also be fitted with inserts for connection modules and preassembled 6-fold copper trunks. The trunk cables consist of shielded Category 7 or 7A twisted pair cables and are preassembled with Category 6A RJ45 modules at both ends. It is quick and easy to clip the modules into the inserts. In this way up to 72 ports can be implemented on 3RU or 4RU.